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Also known as Desaster(1985)

Country: Brazil
Links: MySpace

Formed in: 1985
Disbanded in: 1989

1985-1987 Death metal
1985-1989 Thrash metal


1985-1987  Kleber - guitars
› 1987  -//- vocals
› 1988-1989  -//- bass, backing vocals
1985-1989  Alexander - guitars
› 1988-1989  -//- vocals
1988-1989  C.M. - guitars, backing vocals
1988-1989  Armando Sampaio - drums
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1985-1986  Marcelo - vocals
1985-1987  Rodrigo Neves - drums
1985-1987  Ricardo Neves - bass
1986  Sílvio "SDN" - vocals
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I've Heard many times "…dude there's no good Death Metal band in Mexico, at least other than The Chasm…" well my friend this time you are wrong, there are a lot of incredible bands here in Mexico, we've got Disgorge, The Chasm...   Review by Herzebeth ››


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