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2002-  Shiran Kaïdine - guitars
2010-  Eurogirl - electronics, vocals
2010-  MicHell Bidegain - bass
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2010-2011  Rob MacManus - drums
› 2011  -//- guitars
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2012-2014  Rob Shaffer - drums
2014  Benjamin Sablon - drums, guitars
2011-  Rob Shaffer - drums
2011-  Stéphane Paulini - guitars
2012-  Benjamin Sablon - drums
2013-2015  Miomio - guitars

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Drone. What is it exactly that attracts fans so to the gargantuan walls of sound and 20 minute notes that lurk deep within the subterranean caverns of this style? I mean, it's not as if it's accomplished songwriting, right? Any schmuck spending 5 minutes on a guitar could just strum the same note for a half hour. Well, if you're of this sort of mentality, you might as well stop reading. We're about to enter the realm of hooded robes and black monoliths, and your opinions have no validity here.   Review by Apothecary ››
While the Black Metal scene has been very notorious for its history and rawness, the extreme offspring of modern doom metal has not been far away from such a cult ranking. On one side of the fence - we had bands with corpse paint who with their dark and...   Review by Azhidahak ››

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