Orchid's Curse

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Also known as The Orchid's Curse

Country: Canada
Label: Diminished Fifth Records

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Formed in: 2005

2005- Metalcore


2005-  Brian Jones - vocals, guitar
2005-  Josh Hogan - vocals
2005-  Bobby Webb - drums
2008-  Keith MacLeod - guitar
2010-  Kevin Mombourquette - bass
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2005-2007  Paul Slaunwhite - guitar
2005-2010  Tim Ringer - bass
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Oh great, more hardcore...Just what we need. Then again, it's like any genre, things get pretty tiresome when new bands are popping up around every corner, this fact also makes bands like Orchid's Curse all the more enjoyable.

So what separates...   Review by Doc G. ››

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