Poema Arcanus

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Also known as Garbage (1992-1996), Garbage Breed (1996-1997), Poema Arcanvs

Country: Chile
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

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Formed in: 1992

1992- Progressive doom metal
1992- Death doom metal
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1992-  Claudio Carrasco García - vocals
1992-  Igor Leiva Benavides - guitars
2000-  Luis Moya - drums
2018-  Juan Díaz Ortega - bass
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1993-2000  Eduardo Zenteno - drums
1995-2006  Claudio Botarro Neira - bass
1997-1999  Roxana Espinoza - keyboards, vocals
2006-2011  Juan Pablo "Hueso" Vallejos - bass
› 2014-2016  -//-
2011-2014  Pablo Tapia Ugarte - bass
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Latest reviews

Most likely Chile's (or South America in general) longest-standing doom metal act, Poema Arcanus returns after 7 years. Continuous delays (not even mentioning Covid-19) have put several obstacles in the band's path, but Stardust Solitude sees the band getting out of that hole as victorious.   Review by Mr. Doctor ››
Doom Metal from Chile. That's a phrase that you don's get to hear often! But still, South America has a strong metal scene, mostly unknown to the European market, but is there!

This is the sophomore release of this Chilean Doomsters, and is...   Review by Undercraft ››

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