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Country: The Netherlands
Label: Femme Metal Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 2004

2004- Alternative metal
2004- Gothic metal


2004-  Koen Romeijn - guitars
2004-  Floortje Donia - vocals
2006-  Kevin Storm - guitars
2008-  Luuk van Gerven - bass
2009-  Michael van der Kolk - drums
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2004-2005  Michiel Bikker - guitar
2004-2009  Thomas Kalksma - drums
2006-2007  Patrick Velis - bass
2007-2008  Bram Dewachter - bass
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Latest reviews

Dutch metal/rockers Cardamon present their sophomore release, Sun As Never. Although they have a (skilled) female vocalist, don't make any assumptions. They sit on the Dutch musical landscape much closer to alt-rockers Autumn or to The Gathering than they do to any symphonic metal, and would appeal to fans of male-fronted depressive rock bands as much as to the symphonic metal crowd.   Review by Susan ››

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