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2003-  Jonathan Thery - guitars, vocals
2003-2008  Frederic Patte-Brasseur - guitars
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2008-  Asmael Lebouc - bass, backing vocals
2008-  Thomas Rugolino - drums
2009-  Charles Ward - bass
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2003-2008  Yskithyrwynn - drums
2003-2010  Vincent Toxine - bass
2009-2010  Laurent Chaulet - guitars, vocals
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What the Hell have I got myself into here? Where to begin? I guess I could go the obvious route and compare the miserable experience of listening to this to an obscure form of slow and excruciating torture… Or I could go the humorous route and compare it to ordering pizza delivery in Paraguay. Fuck it. 2 disks, 4 songs, 90+ minutes. Let's do both.   Review by BitterCOld ››

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