Gun Barrel


1998-  Rolf Tanzius - guitars
2000-  Toni Pinciroli - drums
2004-  Tom Kintgen - bass
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1998-1999  Willi Tüpprath - bass
1998-2000  Florens Neuheuser - drums
1998-2005  Guido Feldhausen - vocals
1999-2004  Holger Schulz - bass
2005-2008  Xaver Drexler - vocals
2009-2011  Silver - vocals
2011-NA  Patrick Sühl - vocals
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"Outlaw Invasion" is the last album of Gun Barrel, a German combo that I've only discovered through this new release. However, this album is already their fourth CD and even if it's hard to get a name in the world of Metal, this is...   Review by Jeff ››

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