Dawn Of Destiny

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Country: Germany
Label: Phonotraxx

Links: Official Website

Formed in: 2005

2005- Power metal


2005-  Jens Faber - bass, guitar
2005-  Dirk Raczkiewicz - keyboards
2006-  Veith Offenbächer - guitar
2010-  Jeanette Scherff - vocals
2014-  Philipp Bock - drums
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2005  Christian Tappe - bass
2005-2009  Ansgar Ludwig - drums
2005-2010  Tanja Maul - vocals
2009-2010  Patrick Klose - drums
2010  Monika Wesely - vocals
2010  Boris Frenkel - drums
2010-2012  Matt Bauer - drums
2012-2014  Julio Pablo Da Silva - drums
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2014  Jon Oliva - vocals

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In my time as a reviewer I've received a lot of CDs I enjoyed, but only few that I keep on listening to regularly. The one album I reviewed and still listen to most is without a doubt Dawn Of Destinys Rebellion In Heaven (you can find the review...   Review by Bas ››
Everyone who knows a little bit about power metal knows that the scene is currently overflowing with symphonic power metal bands with female vocals, or Nightwish-clones if you prefer to call them that way. Some are even worse and most are just as average,...   Review by Bas ››

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