Psilocybe Larvae


1996-  Vitaly Belobritsky [ MS user ] - guitar, vocals
2005-  Alex Legotin - bass
2005-  Dmitry "Chaos" Orekhov - keyboards
2013-  Konstantin "Kot'h" Drabkin - guitars
2013-  Evgeny "Evg" Trefilov - drums
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1996-1998  Evgeny Ushakov - drums
1996-2001  Denis Vinogradov - guitar
1996-2004  Oleg Peshkichev - bass
1998-1999  Evgeny Golubkov - drums
1999-2013  Ilya Piyaev - drums
2001-2005  Den - keyboards
2001-2013  Andrey "Luke" Lukashov - guitar
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Whoever invented the term "Dark Metal" must be some sort of marketing genius, because whenever this genre categorisation gets brought up, I get drawn to it like a moth to a flame no matter how many times I end up feeling let down. Psilocybe Larvae is also a self-proclaimed dark metal act, but I am already familiar with the band's previous effort and had a better idea of what to expect, which is a progressive form of melodic death metal.   Review by Ag Fox ››

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