The Butterfly Effect

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Country: Australia
Label: Unsigned

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Formed in: 1999
Broke up: 2016

1999- Progressive rock


1999-  Kurt "Puddles" Goedhart - guitar
1999-  Ben Hall - drums
1999-2012  Clint Boge - vocals
› 2017-  -//-
2002-  Glenn Esmond - bass
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2013-2016  Paul Galagher - vocals
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2002 Crave [Single]
2003 One Second Of Insanity [Single]
2003 Always [Single]
2003 Consequence [Single]
2004 Beautiful Mine [Single]
2006 A Slow Descent [Single]
2006 Gone [Single]
2007 Reach [Single]
2012 Effected [Compilation]
2016 B-Sides, Live And Rarities [Compilation]

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This is the first time that I listen to The Butterfly Effect (let's call them TBFX) and if I don't understand why they're not popular in Europe, I understand why they reached the top of the Aussie charts. This band is clearly not Metal...   Review by Jeff ››


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