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Country: United Kingdom

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1996

1996- Death metal


NA-  Jeremy Gray - guitar
NA-  Rob Caygill - bass
NA-  Giuseppe Cutispoto - guitar
NA-  Jamie Evans - guitar
NA-  Dalin Drabek - drums
NA-  Declan Malone - drums
NA-  Dave Hirschheimer - drums
NA-  Matt Pielorz - guitar
2006-  Dave Samuel - vocals
2008-  Jamie Ilsley - guitar
2008-  John Walsh - guitar
2008-  Kaz Hatchet - bass
2008-  Colin Bentham - drums

Latest reviews

Death metal
Recorded: Infestation Studio, UK 2009
Total Running Time: 11:47

It's almost a relief to hear some primal death metal from time to time.

What Infestation does here is reinvigorating the energy of vintage Florida...   Review by Thryce ››

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