My Silent Wake

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Country: United Kingdom
Label: House Of Ashes

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Formed in: 2005

2005- Death doom metal
2005- Gothic metal


2005-  Ian Arkley - guitar, vocals
2012-  Adam Westlake - bass
2013-  Gareth "Garry" Arlett - drums
2013-  Marc Ellison - acoustic guitars
2013-  Rich Alden - guitars
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2005-2007  Steve Allan - drums
2005-2008  Alan Southorn - bass
2005-2010  Jasen Whyte - drums, vocals
2005-2011  Andi Lee - guitar, bass, mandolin, vocals
2005-2013  Kate Hamilton - bass, cello, keyboards, vocals
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2013  Greg Chandler - keyboards, vocals

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I feel as though I have experienced my own form of rebirth after consciously letting the My Silent Wake and The Drowning split seep into me. From My Silent Wake's multifaceted exploration of their own influences and vision to The Drowning's...   Review by Jason W. ››

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