Tides Of Virtue

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Country: United Kingdom

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Formed in: 2008
Disbanded in: 2013

2008-2013 Melodic death metal
2008-2013 Metalcore


2008-2013  James Otero - guitar
2008-2013  Paul Lawford - guitar
2010-2013  Nick Jupp - vocals
2010-2013  James Sweeting - bass
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2008  Jake - bass
2008-2010  Elliot - drums
2008-2010  Louis Thurgood - vocals
2008-2010  Oliver Reece - bass
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Melodic Death Metalcore
Recorded: Studio 6, UK 2009
Label: Transcend Records
Total Running Time: 45:53

Tides Of Virtue's debut Malevolence turns out to be some kind of inbred bastard child of harsh melodic death metal and what appears to be... brute...   Review by Thryce ››


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