Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire

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Also known as CTTTOAFF

Country: USA
Labels: Prosthetic Records
Throatruiner Records

Links: Bandcamp

Formed in: 2006
Disbanded in: 2013

2006-2013 Grindcore


2006-2010  Ethan Lee McCarthy - vocals
› 2010-2013  -//- guitars, vocals
2006-2013  John Paul Damron - drums
2006-2013  Zach Harlan - bass
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2006-2010  Ben Romsdahl - guitars
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Denver, Colorado's Ethan McCarthy is perhaps best known today for his work fronting the blackened sludge trio Primitive Man, and to a lesser extent Vermin Womb. But not too long ago, he was at the helm of another utter monstrosity: Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire.   Review by Apothecary ››

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