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Forest Of Shadows

164 fans
Country: Sweden
Label: Firebox Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1997

1997- Death doom metal
1997- Atmospheric doom metal


1997-  Niclas Frohagen - all instruments, vocals
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1998  Johan Svensson - guitar, bass
1999-2000  Martin Claesson - guitar
1999-2000  Tommy Rydberg - drums
1999-2004  Micce Anderson - bass, guitar, keyboards, violin
2000  Fredrik Johansson - guitars
2000  Robert Martensson - bass
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2000  Oscar - drums
2000  Martin Olsson - bass
2000  Anna Ekblad - flute
2000  Martin Petterson - bass

Latest reviews

Needless to say that the Swedish band bearing the name Forest Of Shadows has been one of my favorite melodic doom/death metal bands since "Where Dreams Turn to Dust" fell in my arms. One of the most tear-filled and grieving (in my humble opinion...   Review by DerRozzengarten ››

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