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Also known as Thorgen Hellhammer

Country: Canada
Label: Unsigned

Links: Official Website
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Formed in: 2008

2008- Folk metal


2008-  Dave Khan - vocals, lead guitar
2008-  Terry Savage - bass
2008-  Celine Derval - drums, backing vocals
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2008-2012  Scott F. Thompson - keyboards
2008-2013  Morgan Zentner - oboe
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Latest reviews

Holy hell, talk about anticlimactic. You always want to root for the independent bands with not the dollar for top-of-the-line studio wizardry trying out ambitious projects outside the usual guitar-bass-drums-vocals scheme. Despite the Scythia really overcoming blatantly amateurish production with a good mix on the keyboards/oboe/riff front, the overall song writing is about as aimless as you could imagine.   Review by Doc G. ››

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