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Body Count

38 fans
Country: USA
Label: Century Media Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1990

1990- Crossover thrash metal
1990-1993 Hardcore
1990-1993 Punk


1990-  Ice-T - vocals
1990-  Ernie C - guitars
2001-  Vincent Price - bass
2009-  Ill Will - drums
2013-  Juan Of The Dead - guitars
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1990-1996  Beatmaster V - drums
1990-2001  Mooseman - bass
1990-2004  D-Roc The Executioner - guitars
1997-2009  O.T. - drums
2001  Griz - bass
2004-2006  Bendrix - guitars
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1992  Eric Reed Boucher - vocals
2014  Jamey Jasta - vocals
2016  Max Cavalera - guitars
2017  Dave Mustaine - guitars
2017  Randy Blythe) - vocals

Latest reviews

Let's get one thing straight - this is not a nu metal album. Body Count isn't Limp Bizkit or Korn. This isn't a bunch of suburban white boys spouting nasally high school poetry over drop-A chugging. This is more like the legendary Anthrax/Public Enemy collaboration: real attitude, real power, and a real legend spitting venom over heavy riffs.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Body Count tend to be overshadowed by two things: the fact that legendary rapper Ice-T fronts them, and the bitter controversy over their 1992 single "Cop Killer." Of course it's not every day you see a pioneer of one genre drastically change speed (and be good at it), and Ice-T has a definite concern for social and political issues that permeates his lyrical content - but, as they learned in the fiasco surrounding their debut, this makes it difficult for people to judge a band like Body Count on its musical merits.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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