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Also known as Tyr

Country: Faroe Islands
Label: Metal Blade Records

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Formed in: 1998

1998- Folk metal


1998-  Heri Joensen - vocals, guitars
1998-  Gunnar "Gunz" H. Thomsen - bass
2001-  Terji Skibenæs - guitars
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1998-2000  Jón Joensen - guitars, vocals
1998-2002  Pól Arni Holm - vocals
1998-2013  Kári Streymoy - drums
2002  Allan Streymoy - vocals
2004  Ottó P. Arnarson - guitars
2013-2016  Amon Djurhuus Ellingsgaard - drums
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2013  George Kollias - drums
2013  Waltteri Väyrynen - drums
2008  Daniel Ryan - drums
2008  Merlin Sutter - drums
2008  Amon Djurhuus Ellingsgaard - drums
2015  Pól Arni Holm - vocals
2016  Tadeusz Rieckmann - drums
2016  Waltteri Väyrynen - drums
2016  Infy Snow - vocals
2017  Viktorie Surmøvá - vocals
2013  Liv Kristine - vocals

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So, the Faroese Vikings are docking again on our shores. In the last years, their raids have become slightly less exciting, more easily predictable and pretty much similar from one to the other. Did the Valkyries bring a breath of fresh air?   Review by R Lewis ››
Tyr is a wonderful and special band from a very special place, Faeroe islands. I personally love their music, so rich in melodies and emotions, the sound of the musicians' native language fitting perfectly the mood and flow of the music. Every album...   Review by Ernis ››

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