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Also known as Benzo

Country: USA
Labels: Solitude Productions
Obscure Abhorrence Productions

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Formed in: 2004

2004- Atmospheric black metal


Current members:
2004-2012  Reuben Christopher "Matron Thorn" Jordan - all instruments, vocals
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Former musicians:
2008-2009  Jack "Blastburn" Blackburn - drums
2010-2011  Gionata "Thorns" Potenti - drums, backing vocals
Live musicians:
2008-2012  Jonathan "Nahtanoj" Nicosia - bass, drums, vocals
2012-  C. K. P. "Ascaris" - bass, drums, guitars, vocals
2012-  Dramen - drums, vocals
2012-2013  Alexander "Esoterica" Poole - guitars
Guest musicians:
2012  Balam - vocals
2012  Chris "Xos" Grigg - vocals

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