Dark Buddha Rising


2007-  Petri Rämänen - bass
2007-  J. Rämänen - drums
2007-  V. Ajomo - guitars, vocals
2015-  M. Neuman - vocals
2015-  V. Vatanen - guitars, vocals
2015-  Jussi Saarivuori - keyboards
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2012-2014  S. Kuosmanen - guitars
2012-2014  J. Niemi - vocals
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2008  L. Andersson - shaman drum
2008  O. Sopanen - cello
2008-2009  J. Henttonen - vocals
2011  Kvohst - vocals
2013  J. Henttonen - vocals

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A bell is struck in a silent temple. Black clouds gather over the Himalayas. A yogi lights incense in a forest, isolated. He approaches death, and is ready for the trip.   Review by Apothecary ››
Confession time: I used to be unable to tolerate drone doom. For the longest time, I saw its musical formula as very unnecessarily bland, monotonous, and repetitive. But somehow, towards the end of last year, it all started to click with me. I began to...   Review by Apothecary ››

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