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Also known as Heroic Conduct

Country: Norway
Label: Abyss Records

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Formed in: 1989

1989- Death metal


1989-  Bjørn Mathisen - guitars, vocals
2000-  Jon Bakker - bass
2011-  Thomas Andresen - vocals
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NA  Rolf Tommy Simonsen - guitar, vocals
NA  Jan Helge Skjolden - drums
1989  Trond Haave Meyer - guitars
1989-2000  Jørgen Skjolden - bass
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2011-  Jontho - drums

Latest reviews

Fester? A Celebration Of Death?...Damn, here comes more generic death met...Wait a minute, this can't be right; old school, yet fresh sounding? Well, maybe "fresh" might not be the right word, as this album is grimy as shit, maybe just..."not generic" is a better way of putting it.   Review by Doc G. ››

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