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Country: Sweden
Label: AFM Records

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Formed in: 2001

2001- Power metal


2001-  Samuel Nyman - vocals
2001-  Henrik Stenroos - guitar
2015-  André Holmqvist - drums
2015-  Kenny Boufadene - bass
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2001-2013  Pether Menzer - bass
2001-2014  Richard Mentzer - drums
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2015  Udo Dirkschneider - vocals

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Manimal. When I first heard this name, I realised it was one of the worst band names I'd ever heard. There was a TV show in the 80's called 'Manimal' about a shape-shifter who would help the police solve crimes and it was as bad as it sounds. I'll give them some credit though; at least their name doesn't involve hammers or dragons. What Manimal gives us is another band who absolutely worship Rob Halford and Judas Priest in general.   Review by Belegûr ››

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