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Country: USA
Label: Unsigned

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Formed in: 2011

2011- Doom metal
2011- Folk metal
2011- Progressive metal
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2011-  Noel Chandek - drums, vocals
2011-  Zak Koehn - guitars, keyboards, vocals
2014-  Zach Ostrowski - bass, vocals
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2011-2012  Jeff Stalsberg - bass
2011-2012  Ted Schoenleber - vocals
2011-2014  Joe Opolka - guitars, vocals
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Wisconsin, one of the colder parts of the northern United States, has produced an equally frosty and frigid album by young band Arbor. What's not to love? We have doom/black/prog metal with heavy folk leanings yet plenty of melody; screamed, growled, and clean vocals; intense drumming featuring some cold, crisp cymbal work; nice variety in tempos; all topped off with plenty of passion.   Review by Susan ››

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