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1995-  Jozef "Dodi" Kosc - guitar
2003-  Juraj "Kazatel" Handzus - vocals
2004-  Martin "Mystik" Horgos - drums
2007-  Slavomir "Sly" Koval - bass
2009-  Marian "Elvis" Petrik - guitar
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1995-2003  Martin Marincak - vocals
2001-2004  Marek Stašák - drums
2001-2004  Dano Kochaník - guitar
2001-2007  Martin Kukol - bass
2005-2009  Robert Vanya - guitar
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First of all I want to confess that brutal styles of metal aren't exactly my cup of tea, I can hear them but only for a while, so, I want to a fair review, even though I don't really like this stuff.

Perversity are hailing from Slovakia and...   Review by Undercraft ››


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