2009-  Tobias Pedersen - bass
2009-  Troels Pedersen - drums
2009-  Adrian Utzon Dietz - guitars
2010-  Ole Pedersen Luk - guitars, vocals
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2009-2010  Jón Aldará - vocals
2009-2011  William Norris - guitars
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Danish black metal somehow never became a big thing, taking into account that it's a Scandinavian country. The interesting question therefore is: what does it sound like? I will answer this first, for in the case of Solbrud it's quite easy as it's a mixture of Swedish and Norwegian black metal styles with some modern approaches. It has the lo-fi produced guitars and furious bass of Norway together with the death-metalish sounding drums and clearer vocals of Sweden. And to be honest, I could think of better mixtures.   Review by Windrider ››

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20.08.2018 NED, Tilburg
21.08.2018 BEL, Antwerp
22.08.2018 FRA, Nantes
24.08.2018 SUI, Winterthur
26.08.2018 GER, Oberhausen
28.08.2018 GER, Dresden
29.08.2018 BEL, Brussels
30.08.2018 GER, Kiel
31.08.2018 GER, Berlin
01.09.2018 DEN, Aarhus
02.09.2018 DEN, Copenhagen

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