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Country: USA
Label: Prophecy Productions

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Formed in: 1995
Broke up: 2010-2015

1995- Depressive black metal


1995-2010  Scott Conner - all instruments, vocals
› 2015-  -//- acoustic guitars, vocals
2015-  Christopher - guitars
2015-  Robert (VI) - vocals
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1995-1999  Michael Joseph Pardi - drums, vocals
2008-2009  Mark Hunter - vocals
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2004  Khaija Ausar - keyboards

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Xasthur is the quintessence of suicide, a woeful lament in the midst of nowhere as you lose yourself deeper and deeper in the fields of solitude and everlasting oblivion, forgotten, forlorn; dying. Malefic managed to use once again his blades and from...   Review by KwonVerge ››
When terms like anti-life, nihilism and suicide become part of the atmosphere music evokes or, to say it better, when music is the outcome of anti-life, nihilistic and suicidal emotions then you really know what to expect, something extremely deep and...   Review by KwonVerge ››

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