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Country: The Netherlands
Label: SAOL

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Formed in: 2007

2007- Death metal
2007- Thrash metal


2007-  Dom Mura - drums
2007-  Michel Gambini - vocals, guitars
2011-  Diego Gomez - bass
2013-  Pablo Minoli - guitars
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2007-2012  Edson Munhoz - guitars
2008-2010  André Sparta - bass
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Thrash'ish death metal, death'ish thrash metal - whichever genre description rocks your boat, Seita pays homage to either and are one of the rising stars coming out of The Netherlands - well at least in my book.

Maybe it was a good thing it took them five years to finally release their debut album Asymmetric Warfare in March of 2012, since those tunes are much more refined than on their self-released EP. But one thing is for sure, the guys in Seita can't deny their heritage and play - pure fucking Brazilian metal.   Review by D.T. Metal ››

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