Endless Horizon

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Country: Canada
Label: Unsigned

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Formed in: 2004

2004- Progressive black metal


2004-  Nafarius - guitars
2004-  LordGore - guitars, vocals
2010-  Winterthrone - vocals
2010-  Zéphyros - drums
2011-  Gangrène - bass
2012-  Countess Darya - keyboards
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2004-2006  Commander Warfare - bass, vocals
2004-2006  Major Warfare - drums
2006  Paul "Sryzir" - vocals
2006-2011  AccorDemon - bass
2008-2010  Idrys - drums
2008-2012  Aisthem - keyboards
2009-2010  Zurhosis - vocals
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Latest reviews

Let's say you want to build something really awesome. It could be anything. What do you do first? Perhaps you brainstorm ides and gather parts, as many awesome things as you can find to add to your creation. A bit of this, a chunk of that. Once everything is collected you might lay it all out, observe your components, and start assembling.

Endless Horizon got part of this memo but unfortunately missed the very last step. This is a beautifully varied black metal album full of AWESOME parts. Great compositional ideas were laid out on the table, observed, but never assembled.   Review by Susan ››


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