Age Of Woe


2010-  Sonny Stark - vocals
2010-  Martin Brzezinski - guitars, vocals
2010-  Carlos Labarra - guitars
2013-  André Robsahm - bass
2013-  Sven Lindsten - drums
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2010-2012  Markus (II) - drums
2010-2013  Anders Pålsson - bass
2012-2013  David Flood - drums
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2012  David Flood - drums

Latest reviews

"Organically recorded hardcore-inspired metal somewhere between Entombed and Converge". This isn't only how Age Of Woe describes themselves but also a great start point for everyone to pay attention to this album. Their music is as natural and direct as the way I discovered them : Free gig at the bar, beer in hand and some violent music. At the end of the night introductions were made and hands were shaken. No bullshit music for no bullshit people.   Review by Mr. Doctor ››

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