Voidless Form

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Country: Romania
Label: Unsigned

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Formed in: 2015

2015- Noise
2016- Drone doom metal
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2015-  R. [ MS user ] - samples, mixing
2016  D. - vocals
2016  Stefanos Kioridis - kanun
2016  Stamatis Karasavvidis - saxophone, trombone
2016  Ryan John Knütsen - keyboards
2016  Lorenzo Leopardi - guitars, duduk
2016  Liviu Ustinescu - vocals
2016  Jonathan Alarcón - acoustic guitars, vocals
2016  Joey Frydrych - drums
2016  Derick Penrod - bass, vocals
2016  M. - guitars
2016  Tom Haberland - saxophone

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As the ardent fan can tell you, there's something about the drone genre that is fundamentally paradoxical. To the outsider it appears as a somewhat pointless formula: formless music with no real sense of guidance or structure. But what if, in some inexplicable way, the lack of a structure demands the exploration of new, rather atypical ones, thereby fueling the creative process? Enter Voidless Form, a band committed to sailing these uncharted waters.   Review by Apothecary ››

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