Lee Altus


1984-1991 Heathen - guitars  
1993-1997 Die Krupps - guitar  
2000- Heathen - guitars  
2003 Angel Witch - guitar  
2005- Exodus - guitars  

Guest musician

2010 Witchery - guitar  

Personal information

Born on: 13.05.1966

Lee Altus (born 13 May 1966 in Russia) is an American heavy metal guitarist. Altus first came to public attention in the mid-80s with his original band, Heathen, where Altus displayed his highly technical neoclassical guitar playing style. He was a principal songwriter and founding member of Heathen as well, playing on both of their LP's, Breaking The Silence and Victims of Deception. During this time he was considered for the vacant position in Megadeth filled by Jeff Young, but declined due to Megadeth's potentially dangerous drug heavy life style, and the job was given instead to Marty Friedman.

After Heathen broke up in 1992 Altus moved to Germany along with his fellow ex-Heathen members Doug Piercy and Darren Minter. Altus and Minter played in the industrial metal group Die Krupps for much of the remainder of the 90s. He also participated in a reunited version of Angel Witch.

Returning to America around 2001, Altus reunited Heathen along with Minter, vocalist Dave White, bassist Mike Jastremski and guitarist Ira Black. The band put out a new album Recovered made up of rare material and are currently, with a new second guitarist and bassist, working on a new album. In 2005 Altus replaced Rick Hunolt in San Francisco thrash metal band Exodus, with whom he still currently plays, performing on their Shovel Headed Kill Machine and The Atrocity Exhibition albums.

Lee currently endorses ESP Guitars, though he used to play Jackson King V guitars. He has been a long time user of Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers as well.