Burton C. Bell


1989- Fear Factory - vocals  
1995 Geezer - vocals  
2001- Ascension Of The Watchers - vocals, various instruments  
2008- City Of Fire - vocals  

Studio musician

2002 Karma To Burn - vocals  

Live musician

2008 Ministry - vocals  
2018 Ministry - vocals  

Guest musician

1998 Soulfly - vocals  
2007 Ministry - vocals  
2012 Delain - vocals  


28.10.2012 Fear Factory

Personal information

Born on: 19.02.1969

Burton Christopher Bell (born February 19, 1969) is a vocalist, lyricist, guitarist, and keyboardist. Born in Houston, Texas, Bell is best known as frontman of the death metal/industrial band, Fear Factory. His singing style is considered influential and innovative, in that he was one of the first major heavy metal vocalists to mix clean vocals with death growls. Bell and Fear Factory have often been noted the pioneers of combining these styles.