Kristian "Kride" Ranta


NA- Karva-apinat - guitars  
2000-2012 Norther - guitars, vocals  
2003- Gashouse Garden - guitar  


02.10.2003 Norther

Personal information

Born on: 13.05.1981

Kristian Ranta, also known as Kride, is one of two guitarists for the Finnish melodic death metal band Norther - best known for their single Released, which entered the Finnish "Top 5". Ranta has played the guitar on the band's four full length albums, the most recent being N (album) (2008) and the No Way Back EP (2007), and contributed clean vocals to the Solution 7 EP, Till Death Unites Us and the No Way Back EP. He has formed an experimental side project named Gashouse Garden with Children of Bodom drummer Jaska Raatikainen.