1990-1992 Satyricon - drums  
1993 Ulver - drums, percussions  
1993-1995 Aura Noir - bass, drums, guitars, vocals  
1994-1997 Ved Buens Ende - drums, vocals  
1995- Infernö - guitar  
1995- Aura Noir - bass, guitars, vocals  
1996 I Left The Planet - drums  
1999-2004 Cadaver - drums  
1999-2004 Dødheimsgard - drums  
2000- Virus - guitars, vocals  
2006-2007 Ved Buens Ende - guitars, vocals  
Studio musician:
2005 Ulver - drums  
Live musician:
1997 Dimmu Borgir - drums (as Aggressor)  
Guest musician:
2000 Fleurety - drums  
2007 Darkthrone - guitars, vocals  
2012 Ulver - bass  

Personal information

Born on: 24.07.1974

Carl-Michael Eide (born July 24, 1974) is a Norwegian black metal drummer, guitarist, and vocalist. He is also known under stage names Aggressor, Czral and Exhurtum. He has played in various black metal and avant-garde metal bands. These include Ved Buens Ende, Aura Noir, Cadaver, Dødheimsgard, Satyricon, Ulver, Infernö and recently the jazz/rock band Virus. His drumming is quite unique in style, with very little repetition and a tendency to shy away from the norm. For example, many of the blast beats on Ved Buens Ende's Written in Waters feature a highly active and non-repetitive right hand, which becomes a separate voice from the foot and left hand, often playing in a different meter than the other two.

His singing abilities are diverse. Other than usual harsh vocals in black metal, he uses a form of croon in the avant-garde metal band's Ved Buens Ende and Virus.

He has gone back to playing guitar and was writing music for the re-grouped Ved Buens Ende, before the band once again split up in early 2007. Beyond that, he continues to write material for Aura Noir and Virus.

He was also a session drummer for Dimmu Borgir on their 1997 tour.