Martin LeMar


2004- Tomorrow's Eve - vocals  
2005- Lalu - vocals  
2008- Mekong Delta - vocals  
2012- Nachtgeschrei - vocals  

Studio musician

2005 Lalu - vocals  

Personal information

The powerful and flexible vocals and his ability to vary his almost untamable voice to the moods of the songs, without loosing his natural distinctive timbre, stands out as Martin’s most important talent.

Martin was born in Germany, on October 20. Raised in Saarbruecken, Martin played in a lot of bands in different styles before joining the band Cherokee, where he played until 2000. After two albums with the progressive powermetal band “Broken Glass” (where he met Chris Doerr for the first time) and diverse projects, he joined forces with Vivien Lalu and lend his voice to “Oniric Metal” (released by Lion Music in 2005).

On November 2004 Martin began to rehearse songs with Tomorrow’s Eve and finally completed the band.

Apart from singing he is working as composer for different styles and genres what also affected the songwriting of TE since he is on board. “Progressive doesn´t mean to reinvent the wheel or play olympic games in faster soloing, higher singing et cetera. It is rather a terrain, where every style is permitted and can be integrated in own songs.” Freedom of music.