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Aleš Brichta


1982-2002 Arakain - vocals  
2002- ABBand - guitars, vocals  
2002-2003 Grizzly - vocals  
2013- Aleš Brichta Project - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 08.09.1959
Official website

Aleš Brichta was born in 1959 in Prague. Studied economy at university. He had played in many bands which in 1982 crystalised into a legend called Arakain. The year 1982 was very vital if speaking about history of Czechoslovak hard music. Besides singing, composing and writing lyrics for Arakain Brichta acted as a their manager, (bass)guitarist and bandmaster.

He had to put on with all antipathy and censorship brought by the communistic regime which wasn't willing to accept most of stuff related to heavy metal and such stuff. Aleš Brichta became a kind of patron of all Czechoslovak metal/hard rock (resp. hair music) fans then. Snippets of his lyrics appeared also on things like nuptial announcements although it was still illegal to support the underground scene. In 1985 the she-singer Lucie Bílá joined his group. She has been one of the most popular singers in Czech Republic since the time she performed with Arakain.

Brichta helped to organise many metal concert. Probably because of this Arakain was finally banned. Despite this fact he carried the band at least on Polish festivals and in Russia and Hungary. Their first album "Thrash the Trash" was released in 1990, after revolution.

Besides performing with Arakain he joined many other projects, e.g. Hattrick (football fan lyrics, the song "Nechte Vlajky Vlát"="Let The Flags Wave" became an official Czech football anthem in Germany, 2006) In 1992 he was voted the best Czech singer in the enquiry "Černá vrána" (="black crow").

Aleš also sung in rock operas like "Jesus Christ Superstar" and produced an ice musical Mrazík ("The Iceman"/"Морозко") and bands like Doga and Škwor.

After 20 years (= after about 18 albums) he left Arakain because of some conflicts. His solo carrier had actually already started few years before that. In the mean time he embarked in politics, played football and wrote a sci-fi novel. In 2004 the "Hattrick" project was reborn. He also started another project "Legendy 2" and then, in 2006, he established "Aleš Brichta Band" and released a dual album "Divadlo Snů" (="Theatre Of Dreams")of remarkable quality. Their second album is called "Nech Si To Projít Hlavou" ("Let It Pass Your Head"). The DVD "20 let natvrdo" ("20 hard years") was released.

The current members of ABBand are: Brichta (singing, choirs), Miloš Knopp (guitar, choirs), Petr Roškaňuk (guitar), Jíří Urban ml. (guitar), Zdeněk Vlč (key., sequencers, choirs), Karel Adam (bg), Daniel Haftstein (pulsatile).

Hopefully Brichta, one of the most distinguished Czech (not only rock) musicians, will bring us his great stuff for long time