Tom Keifer


1982- Cinderella - vocals, guitars  
2013- Tom Keifer - vocals, guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 26.10.1961

Tom grew up in a musical family and began playing guitar at a young age. By the time he reached his teens, Tom discovered rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and Bad Company. Tom was interested to know what kind of music influenced these bands, so he did some research by finding and listening to old blues records by Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters, and B.B. King. Tom soon fell in love with the blues and was heavily influenced by this kind of music.

Tom joined his first rock band while in junior high school. He soon learned to play the electric guitar. The young musician struggled with drug and alcohol abuse during this time, and considered dropping out of school to pursue a music career. However, Tom's mother Adrienne, bribed her son to stay in school by promising him a Gibson Les Paul guitar upon graduation. Tom graduated and received this coveted instrument. After graduating Tom played guitar in bands such as Saints in Hell, Telepath, and Diamonds. He was often forced to eat out of restaurant trash cans, and live in his car to survive.

Soon, Tom conquered his addictions, and began to focus on a career as a musician. He had started writing original material. He also found financial support by walking race horses at tracks and delivering film to developing outlets. Tom became closer to his dream of being a successful artist by forming the hard rock band, Cinderella with good friend and bassist Eric Brittingham, who had been in Saints in Hell with Keifer. Despite being shy, Tom took on the role of lead singer because they could not find anyone they liked to sing for the band. In articles, Tom has said, "I don't feel comfortable when I'm up there singing and not playing guitar. I feel naked when it's just me and the microphone."

Cinderella was discovered by Jon Bon Jovi in 1985, at the Empire Rock Club in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. Jon has been quoted as saying "I saw Tommy Keifer onstage delivering some pretty nifty, growling vocals. Then he whipped out this Les Paul and proceeded to lay into some astounding sounds. This guy struck me as a star right then and there." Tom and company experienced much success with their albums, Night Songs, Long Cold Winter, and Heartbreak Station. Tom enjoyed the reputation of being a prolific songwriter with hits such as Shake Me, Nobody's Fool, Gypsy Road, Don't Know What You Got, Coming Home, Shelter Me, and Heartbreak Station. Tom also enjoyed spending time with his wife, Emily, whom he had married in 1987 after years of dating. She also designed the band's unique logo and often accompanied her husband on tour.

Unfortunately, after the Heartbreak Station tour Tom lost his voice. He underwent several operations to no avail. Eventually it was determined that he had nodules on his vocal cords and paralysis of the left cord. To make matters worse, his mother died of cancer. By 1994, Cinderella had managed to released their fourth album, Still Climbing, which received little attention. The band broke up in 1995.

Keifer continued to have surgery to remove nodules on his vocal cords. Tom also battled depression. He was forced to learn how to sing again because of the paralysis of his left cord, but he eventually began working on material for a solo album. He and Emily divorced, and he settled in Nashville, Tennessee. Here, he continued to work on his solo album. The album was put on hold after Cinderella reunited in 1997 and toured in 1998. They signed with Sony records, but were dropped a few years later. They released a greatest hits album, Once upon a and a live album, Live at the Key club. Cinderella toured the United States in 2000 and again in 2002.

Today, Tom is married to songwriter Savannah Snow. They recently had their first child, a son named Jaidan. Tom has recently worked with country artist Andy Griggs. He also appeared on an episode of Extreme Makeover, where he helped a fan write a song. Tom has finished his solo album, and it is due for an early 2006 release. Cinderella was the headliner of the 2005 Rock Never Stops tour.

Tom and Cinderella recently completed their 20th anniversary tour with fellow rock veterans Poison, who were also celebrating 20 years in the business of both bands' first albums. "Night Songs" and "Look What The Cat Dragged In" were both released in 1986. The tour was rousing success and has swiftly become one of the most successful tours of 2006, averaging about 20k people in attendance per night.However, no 2007 tour is planned as guitarist Jeff LaBar and his wife are expecting twin boys in June.

Tom Keifer recently said that his solo album will be released shortly, and a new album from Cinderella is possible somewhere down the road, though not immediately.

Also Cinderella plans to tour in 2008. The band's tour dates have not been announced. Cinderella will go on tour with Warrant and Lynch Mob. In March 2008, Warrant announced that it will tour with Cinderella immediately after Rocklahoma 2008 in July.