Germán Pascual


1993-1996 Mind's Eye - vocals  
2008-2010 Narnia - vocals  
2010-2013 Divinefire - vocals  
2011-NA Germán Pascual - vocals  
2016- Essence Of Sorrow - vocals  

Guest musician

2010 Soulspell - vocals  

Personal information


GERMÁN PASCUAL, born in Uruguay, raised in Brazil. Now, living in Stockholm since his early teens. His success was achieved in Sweden, where his name has been compared with the greatest international heavy metal voices, such as legends like Dio, Jorn Lande, Coverdale and many others in reviews around the world.
Germán also was named as "the best metal voice 2009" by the portuguese website, "The Gates of Metal". He was the last voice of NARNIA, a Swedish band, a well known melodic heavy metal band, just like Stryper, Bride and Rob Rock.

Germán also sings with DIVINEFIRE, where he shares the lead vocal with Christian Liljegren (ex-Narnia). They launched the album, "Eye of the storm" in April 2011.
In January 2011 Germán made his first solo tour in Brazil, performing a few of the greatest classics of Narnia and also presenting some songs from his upcoming solo album.
Now, Germán Pascual prepares to launch the album "A New Beginning" and will be back in South America in the latter part of 2012 for an extended tour.