Rami Haikal


2004- Bilocate - guitar  


20.08.2012 Bilocate

Personal information

Born on: 12.09.1983
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Rami was born on September 12, 1983 in Amman, Jordan. He grew up in Amman, Jordan. When Rami was young, he met with Saeb Abu Al-Ragheb. The two soon became friends and started playing music together. Sharing the same passion for the Guitar instrument they tried to build custom made guitars in the age of 15.
Rami joined several local Jordanian bands but with no recorded achievements, later in the summer of 2004 and while having a practice session with one of the local bands, he met Hani Al-Abbadi who was the Bassist of the Jordanian band Bilocate, 2 weeks later Ramzi Essayyed from Bilocate called Rami to set up for a meeting in which they have offered him to join the band as a guitarist.
At that time, Bilocate was already in the middle of composing the album Dysphoria and as soon as Rami joined, he started contributing in the composing process.