Gunnar "Mic" Michaeli


NA-1984 Avalon - keyboards  
NA-1984 Universe - keyboards  
NA White Purple - keyboards  
1984- Europe - keyboards, backing vocals, guitars  
1995-2003 Brazen Abbot - keyboards  
2003 Last Autumn's Dream - keyboards  
2013- Nordic Beast - keyboards  

Studio musician

1986 Tone Norum - keyboards  
1994 Glenn Hughes - keyboards  
1998 Thore Skogman - keyboards  

Guest musician

2010 John Norum - keyboards  

Personal information

Born on: 11.11.1962

Mic is the keyboardist for the classic rock band Europe who rose to fame in the early 80's and continued quite an impressive world wide musical career until their split in 1992 after the release of their 5th CD.

Since Europe's reunion in 2004, Mic, through his talent and personable interaction with the fans, has regained the popularity he enjoyed during Europe's rise to fame in the 1980s. A large group of his admirers felt that he deserved a site and fan club dedicated solely to him and his many works, and so this website was conceived and created by his fans to show him the respect he deserves.