Mikael Svanberg


1993- Dark Funeral - guitars (as Lord Ahriman)  

Personal information

Also known as: Lord Ahriman

Behold! And surrender your feeble soul to the unholy abyss. This is where the blackest of Metal dwells.

When you come to speak of Black Metal, there is no way you can omit the land of the three crowns - Sweden. With that being said, when talking about Swedish Black Metal you have to mention Stockholm's Dark Funeral: The ineffable kings of Swedish Black Metal. A title bestowed upon the band by their many, many loyal fans throughout the world. However, there would be no Dark Funeral without the remaining founder member and much respected Lord Ahriman.

Originally from Luleå, a small town in the north of Sweden Lord Ahriman was raised by a somewhat musical family where he developed an interest for music at a very young age. He founded his songwriting abilities around 1989. He formed his first band "Satan's Disciples" [1989-92] when he was still living in Luleå.

In 1992 he moved to Stockholm and in 1993 Dark Funeral was born.

Already with their first full length album - THE SECRETS OF THE BLACK ARTS (©1996) - the band altered the perception of Black Metal forever. Praised by fans and critics alike, that very Dark Funeral debut is deemed to be probably the first so-called anthemic, melodic Black Metal album of all times. The melodies and the guitar work are so unique that people do not believe their ears and think that the sound, vibe and atmosphere are created by keyboards. However, there are no keyboards.

Further improved on the second full length album - VOBISCUM SATANAS (©1998) and on, the outstanding guitar work of Dark Funeral's mastermind Lord Ahriman captures a truly sinister atmosphere that is still unmatched today.

To this day Dark Funeral's albums are born by Lord Ahriman's unique shredding technique.

Lord Ahriman - the true emperor among the kings of Swedish Black Metal.