Shaun "Winter" Taylor-Steels


1995-1996 Solstice - drums  
1997-1998 Anathema - drums (as Shaun Steels)  
1999-2006 My Dying Bride - drums  
2015-2016 Darkher - drums  
2017- Godthrymm - drums  
2017-2018 My Dying Bride - drums  

Personal information

Also known as: Winter
Born on: 22.08.1970

Shaun Taylor-Steels (born August 22, 1970) is a British drummer.

He replaced Bill Law in My Dying Bride and once was a member of Liverpool-based ex-doomsters Anathema and Solstice.

Much in the style of black metal musicians, he adopts the pseudonym "The Winter" as a stage name.

Shortly before the release of A Line of Deathless Kings, Shaun Taylor-Steels announced his permanent departure from My Dying Bride due to persisting problems with his ankle.

In the band's official statement concerning his departure, Taylor-Steels is quoted as saying, "I would just like to salute MDB for the good times and wish them all well in the future, I feel I am not ready to fulfill the duties in a manner befitting MDB at this time and have decided to stand down. I am sad to be leaving but at this time I feel it is for the greater good of the band. Tak! The Winter."