Giorgos "George" Bokos


2002-2005 Nightfall - guitars  
2002-2005 Obsecration - guitars  
2003-2004 Sickening Horror - guitars  
2005-2012 Rotting Christ - guitars  

Live musician

2005-2006 Rotting Christ - guitars  


18.01.2005 Nightfall

Personal information

Giorgos Bokos is the guitarist of the Greek black metal band Rotting Christ. He was previously a member of: Nightfall, Obsecration, Sickening Horror, Exhibition. Giorgos is endorsed by Dean Guitars and Randall Amplifiers. He was endorsed by Fernandes guitars before switching to Dean. He is also endorsed by EMG pickups. He can be seen onstage playing a usa custom made v shaped dean dime razorback guitar, and a usa custom made 7-string dean dime razorback guitar which has an ML shape, both equipped with emg pickups and floyd roses.