Yuuji Kamijou


1994-2007 Lareine - vocals, guitars, programming (as Kamijo)  
2001-2002 New Sodmy - vocals (as Kamijo)  
2007- Versailles - vocals (as Kamijo)  
2013- Kamijo - all instruments, vocals (as Kamijo)  

Studio musician

2007- Versailles - programming (as Kamijo)  

Personal information

Also known as: Kamijo
Born on: 19.07.1975

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Official website (solo project)

KAMIJO ( かみじょう Kamijo ? ) is a singer , model and record producer Japanese born on July 19 of 1975 as Yūji Kamijo in the city of Hiratsuka , Kanagawa Prefecture , Kanto Region , Japan .
Kamijo's youth little is known, but according to him, prefers to let a romantic aura of mystery about her past. [ citation needed ] Despite not having studied music as a child, fate did interest in it when a fellow high school Club tennis (sport still practiced) as incentive to buy his first guitar 1 and start his career.
In 1994 Kamijo (at that time called himself Shoki) served as a roadie for the band's very prestigious visual kei band Malice Mizer , at that time a young band not well known. In August of that year, while traveling on a tour with the band, met guitarist Mayu, to be reunited in November to found Laliena band, then went to the group on bass and drummer Emiru Machi. The band, now complete, change its name in 1996 by Lareine . They stayed together for twelve years until the band finally dissolved in late 2006 , due to a long series of problems, infighting, separations and reunions. However, at that time won a lot of fans thanks to the original and histrionic personality Kamijo, which based the group concept inspired by the famous manga Versailles no bara (also known as Lady Oscar ). Throughout the year 2000 , Lareine only consisted of one member, Kamijo precisely. In 2001 arm a side project with Mayu, putting together a band called New Sodmy (so did the band creating Emiru Ribbon) only in the year 2002 actually turned Lareine activity.
After losing a limb again on 18 February 2007 , Lareine officially enters recess indefinitely and the band split, while closing its own signature Kamijo label (Applause Records) to found a new, a far more wide, the "Sherow Artist Society. This was originally conceived as a sort of "big family" of artists, for nuclear colleagues and fellow musicians in order to build new musical and artistic projects. This new record label Independent also produces the new group Kamijo, Versailles , a supergroup made up of the famous guitarist Hizaki and other notable musicians such as Jasmine You, Teru and Yuki.
Kamijo currently works as a producer on several projects while singing in Versailles and Node of Scherzo (create music-theater musicians composed of visual kei and prestigious from different bands).
The first half of 2010, will be in Versailles announced world tour, called "Jubilee" Method Of Inheritance, "which is divided into two parts, the first call," Method Of Inheritance "Apostles" and "-Method Of Inheritance" Jbilee ", bringing together the visit of many countries. This first part will be a tour of Japan until April 2010 and the second in Europe and Latin America.