Davy Mickers


2005-2009 Stream Of Passion - drums  
2005-2010 Unwritten Pages - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 04.09.1980
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Due to a friend of his, Davy discovered the music of Ayreon. After hearing the intro for 'Into The Electric Castle' he was completely amazed by the fact that somebody had made something which was more than just an album. Considering the fact that Davy is a 'dreamer', this music gave him enormous satisfaction. He had never heard such visually stimulating music, so full of fantasy and imagination. Since that day Davy is a huge Ayreon fan. He also went to see Star One live (2x) as a true fan.
Dutchman Davy Mickers, drummer for Stream Of Passion, started his professional career when he got in contact with 'Ayreon'-mastermind, Arjen Lucassen.

Day Eleven: Love
The first time Arjen heard Davy play was on a recording for an Ayreon contest. Davy formed a band to attend the contest and recorded 'Day Eleven: Love' with a few friends. It started as a joke, which was rewarded by winning the contest. As a fan Davy was thrilled to be one of the winners, but never thought he would hear from Arjen Lucassen again. A few months later Arjen called him to ask if he was interested in playing on some new project.
The Final Experiment (Special Edition - bonus disc)
As Arjen knew that Davy was more of a rock/metal drummer, he tested his diversity by asking him for some 'light' acoustic recordings. Davy played drums on four songs of the acoustic bonus disc that was released with the Special Edition of the re-release of the very first Ayreon album, 'The Final Experiment'.

Stream Of Passion
After recording Mexican vocalist Marcela Bovio for his last Ayreon album, 'The Human Equation', Arjen wanted to work with Marcela again. He wanted to work with young, unknown musicians on his new project, Stream Of Passion, and knew that Davy was the right man for the drums. They formed a band with Marcela on vocals, Davy on drums, Dutch bass player Johan van Stratum (Forcefeed), Mexican piano player Alejandro Míllan (Elfonía), Swedish/American lead guitar player Lori Linstruth (Warbride) and Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon) on rhythm guitar. In 2005 they recorded and released the full length album 'Embrace The Storm', which was released all over the world by several labels, amongst which Sony/BMG, InsideOut Records and IronD. During the European Tour in 2006 a Live DVD was recorded, which will be released summer 2006.
Beside Stream Of Passion Davy is working on several projects. As a student at the Rockacademy in Tilburg (NL) he follows drum classes by instructors like Koen Lieckens (K's Choice), Hans van den Hurk (Seven Eleven), René Creemers (Drumbassadors) and Ton Dijkman (Marco Borsato).

SOURCE: http://www.davymickers.com