Joel Graham


2009- Evile - bass  

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Born on: 10.02.1977
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Joel Graham is the bassist of English thrash metal group Evile. He was formerly the bassist of metal band Rise to Addiction.


Graham was born on Feb 10th 1977, in Dewsbury, England. Graham started playing Bass as his main instrument in 1996 playing in local bands around the West Yorkshire area. his first band Bias released an album in 1997 titled 'Inertia'. In 2000, Graham moved to Nottingham and helped form the stoner rock band Ninedenine who released the highly praised Scars E.P in 2001.
In May 2004, Graham moved to Kenora in Northwest Ontario, Canada where he spent time volunteering in the First Nations community.

Rise To Addiction

In 2006, Graham returned to the UK and replaced Rob Naylor as bassist of Rise To Addiction. Graham co-wrote and played on the albums A New Shade of Black for the Soul 2007, and Some Other Truth 2009.


On 16th December 2009, he was announced as the replacement for Mike Alexander, the founding Evile bassist who died whilst on tour in Sweden on 5th October 2009.
Graham plays and endorses Fender Jazz Basses, Peavey Amplification, Ernie Ball Strings and Line 6 Wireless Systems.


Graham has cited bassists including Steve Harris, John Entwistle, Cliff Burton, Billy Sheehan, Les Claypool, Scott Reeder, Pat Badger, Frank Bello and John Deacon as influences.

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