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Tommy "T. Baron" Vetterli


1985- Coroner - guitars  
1996-2001 Kreator - guitars  
2011- 69 Chambers - guitars  

Live musician

NA-2011 69 Chambers - guitars  

Personal information

Name: Tommy Vetterli
Other Name: Tommy "T. Baron"
Date Of Birth: July 8th
City/Country: Zurich, Switzerland
Education: Autodidact Musician / Producer / Audioingeneer

Current Job: Musician / Producer / Audioingeneer at New Sound Studio, Switzerland

Instrument: Guitar

Favorite Brands: LÀG Guitars, Bogner Amps, DR Strings

Pre-Coroner Musical Activities: Diamond

Post-Coroner Musical Activities: Kreator, Clockwork, Stephan Eicher, Voodoo Cult, 69 Chambers

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands 80's: From Led Zeppelin to Allan Holdsworth

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands 90's: From Slayer to Tribal Tech

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands Current: From Deftones to Mussorgsky

Fave Food: Almost everything that's cooked with passion

Fave Movie: "The Big Lebowski", "Apocalypse Now", "Blade Runner", "Good Fellas"

Likes: Red Wine

Dislikes: People without passion

Top 3 Favorite Coroner Tunes: Serpent Moves, The Favorite Game, Son Of Lilith

Favorite Coroner Album: Grin

Never Again: Sell my Porsche

Glad It Happened: Married my wonderful wife