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2005-2011 Taka Minamino - guitars  
2011- Taka Minamino - guitars, bass, keyboards  

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2009 Derek Sherinian - guitars  

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Taka Minamino was born in Osaka, Japan on February 20, 1984. From the time he picked up his first instrument (violin) at the age of 4 until he switched to the guitar at age14, everyone around him knew he possessed talent. Little did they realize that he would develop a skill and style that would rival guitar greats, the likes of Jason Becker and Randy Rhoads.

A few months after graduating from The Musicians Institute in 2005, Taka submitted a demo of his work to Mike Varney,
Owner of Shrapnel Records. Varney, who also writes for Guitar Player Magazine was so impressed that he featured Taka in the "Spotlight" column of the September 2005 issue.

Ready to work on his first solo project, Taka moved to Los Angeles at the end of 2005. With a few songs written, Taka selected some impressive talent and began recording.
Jeff Bowders (Paul Gilbert), drums, Michael T. Ross (Hardline), keyboards, and Kevin Jones (vocals) would be joined in the final release by fellow luminaries, Jeff Scott Soto(Journey, Yngwie Malmsteen), vocals, Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), keyboards,Tony Franklin (Whitesnake), bass, Rafael Borks (keyboards).

With the project well underway,
Taka returned to Japan in 2006. Additional songwriting and recording of the project would continue both in the US and Japan, with final production and release in Japan, with worldwide distribution through iTunes and Amazon.com.

In March of 2007, Taka went to Los Angeles to track Drums, Guitar at Crystal Studio Los Angeles and then he returned to Japan in June of 2007.
and from in June of 2007, he was teaching guitar at MIJapan until 2009.

Having generated interest within the industry, keyboard virtuoso Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), invited Taka to play on three tracks for his upcoming 6th CD, Molecular Heinosity in 2008. Taka's contribution continued to bring him some well deserved recognition, none more so then by Sherinian, who enthusiastically appeared as a guest
on Taka's first CD.

On November 15, 2009, Taka released his first solo project, AngelWing. With the CD achieving strong success internationally, Taka briefly formed the Taka Minamino Project and performed two exclusive shows in Japan. The group was placed on hiatus as Taka was anxious to return to the studio and begin work on his second solo project.
Not wanting to be confined to just one type of music, Taka developed a style he calls
"Violence Metal". Blood Rain, the forthcoming second solo project from Taka is, as he puts it, "…gonna take your soul!" Blood Rain is at times a dark, heavy blend of gutsy riffs with vocals from the depths of hell, supplemented by tracks of orchestrated
redemption with an overture of the guitar style that is quickly becoming uniquely Taka. Providing most of the instrumental parts himself, Taka is joined on this project by Atma Anur (Journey and Jason Becker) on drums and newcomer James Evenson (Dio,(as Claude Schnell, keyboards)) on vocals. Blood Rain is due out late January 2011.

Just prior to the end of 2010, Taka was contacted by RockStar Music Company in Russia with a request to write an instrumental track to be included on an international compilation CD, Guitar World. An advocate of music having no boundaries, Taka contributed his track without compensation.

"There's alot coming up in 2011" says Taka. He's already preparing to start work on his 3rd project, ending the hiatus of the Taka Minamino Project, and participating on a few collaborative projects. On the potential of joining a pre-established band, Taka says, a little tongue-in-cheek, "Hmmm…I wonder if Ozzy is still looking for a kick-ass guitarist?" One thing is for sure, with Taka's demonstrated talent for songwriting, performing and producing, there are endless possibilities on the horizon.