Jesus Ernesto Pintado Andrade


1986-1988 Terrorizer - guitars (as Jesse Pintado)  
1989-2004 Napalm Death - guitars (as Jesse Pintado)  
1999-2006 Lock Up - guitars (as Jesse Pintado)  
2000 Brujeria - guitars (as Cristo de Pisto)  
2005-2006 Terrorizer - guitars (as Jesse Pintado)  

Personal information

Also known as: Jesse Pintado
Born on: 12.07.1969
Died on: 27.08.2006

Jesus (Jesse) Ernesto Pintado Andrade (July 12, 1969 - August 27, 2006) was a lead guitar player born in Mexico who at an early age moved to the US. He started in the band Terrorizer where he recorded the grindcore album World Downfall, the first album to feature Pete Sandoval who would later leave the band to join Morbid Angel. It was Jesse Pintado who coined the term "grindcore" for the first time (in 1983), to describe a musical mixture of "noise and chaos" which he was developing at that time.

Replacing guitarist Bill Steer, he joined Napalm Death immediately prior to the recording of their album Harmony Corruption. In 2004 he officially left Napalm Death and revived Terrorizer, recruiting Tony Norman of Monstrosity and Anthony Rezhawk of Resistant Culture; he and Pete Sandoval were the only original members. Whilst in Napalm Death, he had also played with bassist Shane Embury in Lock Up, releasing two albums.

With Terrorizer he released in 2006 the album Darker Days Ahead. He also played for Brujeria on their 2000 album Brujerizmo (as "Cristo de Pisto").

He lived in Ridderkerk in the Netherlands, and a few weeks after the release of Terrorizer's second album, died in a hospital in the Netherlands due to liver failure after a diabetes-induced coma. His death also stemmed from excessive drinking.