Septimiu Hărşan


2009- Code Red - drums, backing vocals  
2009-2016 Spectral (ROM) - drums  
2010- CodeRed - drums  
2011- Indian Fall - drums  
2011-2012 Necrovile - drums  
2012- The Thirteenth Sun - drums  
2014- Necrovile - drums  
2015- Disavowed - drums  
2015-2016 Autokrator - drums  
2016- Pestilence - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 18.09.1987

Septimiu Hărşan is a drummer from Romania, being an official member of old school death metal band Code Red (Brasov, Romania) and technical death metal band Spectral (Bucharest, Romania), as well as other musical acts including non-metal bands and session work. Depending on the band's music, he usually plays intricate patterns as well as extreme blast beat and double bass speed, illustrated by songs such as "Neural Correlates of Hate" by Spectral, where the blast beats and double bass clock at over 240 bpm, "Crowd Control" by Code Red with a long 250 bpm double bass section or "Symptoms of General Decay" by Code Red, where the blast beat tempo reaches 290 bpm.